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9/22/05 New stuff in the Favorites section.

Recent U2Literary.com originals:


This is the new library. Instead of being just another tab on U2Literary.com, it's now a land of its own. All submissions that were once found on U2Literary.com are still here. As always, feel free to submit, read, enjoy. Now you can discuss the submissions you find here or any tangent whatsoever at the Forum.

Someday this site may be searchable, but for now, everything is listed as received and under the general heading of what kind of piece it is. Submission guidelines are pretty lenient. Everything must be typed (duh) and sent in via RTF or Plain Text format if sent as an attachment. It can also be sent as an inline document in an e-mail. If you ignore these guidelines and send some .doc or some other weird format and we cannot open it after a quick go, you will not be posted and you may or may not be told about it. Consider yourself warned.

Nothing needs to be about U2! That's why this is now a separate site. You can send anything in about just about anything. We at headquaters reserve the right to refuse anything we think inappropriate though we're lax on things like political views. E-mail to submissions @ pageturner.u2literary.com


Short Stories

Most of them quite short, some silly, some serious. This is one area of the site that needs the most new submissions. Stories can be any reasonable length (we reserve the right to determine what's reasonable and what isn't) and on any reasonable topic.


Rhyming and non-rhyming. Here and there are also included are poems by well-known poets just for the heck of it. It's never wrong to emulate the greats.


The serious types like to write essays. They can be rants, raves, editorials, anything not fiction and not in poetic meter.


The spoken essays. There are several of Bono's here, such as the Hall of Fame inductions for several people, Academy Awards acceptance speeches, just about any long soapbox moment.

What to Read Before You Die

Those works of literature everyone should read and why. Submissions accepted for this one as well. No full-blown essays, just comments on the world's best.


Rotating selections of favorite poems, essays, etc... pretty much anything that qualifies as reading material though we stop short at self-help pamphlets.