Poems V



Author:Rose ( u2desertrose@excite.com )

While walking through the headstones one Memorial Day-
My respects to the departed to pay-
I saw a crowd standing 'round a new dug grave
The soil fresh and new in a mound and a preacher a sermon gave

Alas, for Cupid, cried he,
Who met Death underneath the laurel tree
He who saved Humanity from a life so sad and narrow
Was slain at last by his own arrow...

Nay, it was by injustice at last,
A voice from the crowd said as a rose to the grave was cast
No, it was the rules and demands on his gift they forced
And Love was ensnared and bound, forbidden to run its course.

It was the cries of the children, another spoke
The abused, forgotten and tear-soaked
Who Love never reached despite his best aim.
It broke his heart to see his life-saving gift turned into a game.

A game! For shame! For shame! cried an old crone
Whose face, once lovely, resembled eroded stone.
Venus, said a man, Forbear! Forbear!
It was all the lives wasted and thrown away without care
It was the poor, the sorrowing, the lonely...

Silence! Silence! said one apart from the rest
For we all know what really killed Cupid...
Apathy and his twin Indifference
The others nodded, save for the preacher only.

I turned away and left sick at heart
For I had seen Love depart
Cupid was dead, dead and gone
And with him had gone the Sun
In the darkening evening without a morn
I threw away the flowers and headed home


Author: Pia Lauridsen ( pialauridsen@yahoo.co.uk )

It's just fluff that plugs our ears while we pretend to listen
Some sit up, acknowledging the alarm
Some dance on, desperate mirth and water
Carelessly twisting their minds
This, I guess, is just more of the same......

Author: Pia Lauridsen ( pialauridsen@yahoo.co.uk )

A ruby for every love and every sunrise
A sapphire for every blue sky and every peal of laughter
An emerald for every sweet breeze and every hand held out
A diamond for every tear, cried for pain or joy
A pearl for every smile and every song
This is my abundant treasure
Like rays of light that flow from me
Around me, toward me, carry me home, remember...

Author: Sunrazor ( sunrazor1013@home.com )

June 8, 1997 - Febuary 5, 2001

She went to them then
Heart beating in her chest like a frightened bird
And as she walked the city rose around her
"Come," it said.
"Come to me and let me show you yourself
Your reflection in the faces of flesh and of glass
Come to me, be my jewel and darling."

She smiled and walked on
Walked towards the hum of life
The hum of anticipation and purpose
Towards the place where they would make their cathedral
Their holy ground

Then all was noise and confusion
And a great suffocating crush
She turned in a sea of faces
A wonderful madness suffusing them with a neon glow
Hands took her, pressed her onward
The noise pressed down, hard and hot

Then, through it all
A single stabbing sound
A chime of angels or of devils, none could say
It lifted her
Pushed through her
Caressing and clawing at her brain

She screamed and could not hear it
She fell and could not feel it
It pummeled her chest until her heart matched its rhythm

But there was no pain
She gave herself willingly
Lifted her voice with a thousand others
A song of joy
A song of love
A song for all to take away with them
To treasure and to share
To have and to hold

The song soared upward again
Filling and completing her
Her last shreds of sanity dissolved
She let go of herself
As the song bore her away
On wings that glittered
Like guitar strings