Poems VI


Author: Pia Lauridsen ( pialauridsen@yahoo.co.uk )

In the hallway there are whispers and smoky halflight
In the doorway the light shines full, striking your naked hands
In the hallway echoes last forever and screams come undone
In the doorway my face turns inward and smiles upon my loving lover's heart
In the hallway the footfalls of fate feel like earthquakes
In the doorway our peaceful embrace reigns forever + ever + ever

Author: Pia Lauridsen ( pialauridsen@yahoo.co.uk )

Take them back
Your vampire words
That left me speechless and empty
That broke my hands and my heart
Yes, take them back
Your vampire words
I still can't believe you gave them life
I fear I'll wear them forever now
How to take them back
Your vampire words
Cut your fangs to tear down the wall
Open your eyes to the sunlight
And to me


Author: Pia Lauridsen ( pialauridsen@yahoo.co.uk )

Crescent moon above gentle slope of grass, green and heather hued
Flicker in my mind of the imagined circle on the Tor
Golden pieces of light break through the leaves of the summerland trees
Bathe everything in sunset delight
Stone upon stone as I drop my gaze
Tiny causeway finger on the shore below
Sweeping view of isle and water
Colours revive once more for the last splendour of the day
Beauty as if for the first time So fair........my land, forevermore.....


Author: Rose ( u2desertrose@excite.com )

I was a singer
Singing, my trade
Traveled the World
Riches, I made.

I sang a song of Peace,
There in the midst of War
I sang of Freedom
As I lay in chains
A song of Hope
And sank into despair
I sang a song of Joy
And it only made them cry.

So I ran away
As the World stood still
Vanished from sight
As all eyes bore through me

Three thousand years
I spent
Climbing Mountains of Destiny
Swimming the Rivers of Fate
Seeing in the Dark
Digging the Earth without a spade

When at last I grew weary
And by a bonfire there lay
Alone with the stars
Two sisters came

One was Truth
And the other Grace
I tried to shout
But it only came out
A whisper
And then for the first time,
The Song bloomed in my Heart

I became a Beacon
Lighting the way
Travel the Earth,
Souls I save.


Author: Lilah Mavis ( Lilmavi@aol.com )

There you are, the night stands tall with gray in its eyes.
One hand to guide the other to lift away, to the distant
land, with tears that run away from the thoughtless cries of tomorrow.
To whom will pay for peace of distant voices.
Sounds like rain and the clouds laugh away to the dying land, with restless ears.
Only Rose Petal to understand worries and wonder.
To all is nothing, and nothing falls down into the red ground.
It will save us.
The bare earth cries out to the purple sky, why? No more hope, no more sorrow.
To the top of a beautiful day is where I want to stay.
Rose petal won't rest until you're free. Let me tell you, let me worship you, let me show you where two
stars meet. Like a daze, we try to stay amazed at apple lane, until we realize our pain.
Don't be without you and me.
There is nothing left to be.

Author: Pia Lauridsen ( pialauridsen@yahoo.co.uk )

One but not the same
different faces same light
sounds that carry what cannot be said
through what weighs against you against me
through soft joy and timeless careless healing
wondrous, this, truly
if you feel it or not